British Columbia

'Guard dog' cat attacks pit bull, leaving dog and owner bloodied, in Saanich, B.C.

Seven pit bulls were leashed and out for a walk when a cat jumped out of a bush and attacked one of the dogs, says Javiera Rodriguez, owner of the injured canine.

7 pit bulls were out for a walk when the cat jumped out of a bush, says witness

Javiera Rodriguez says her pit bull, Bandida, was attacked by a cat yet there are no bylaws in the municipality of Saanich, B.C., against dangerous animals other than dogs. (Javiera Rodriguez/Facebook)

A pit bull owner is calling for a change to animal bylaws in Saanich, B.C., after her dog was viciously attacked by a cat.

Javiera Rodriguez told CBC News a house cat attacked her pit bull while they were out for a walk with a group of six other pit bulls and their owners on Monday evening.

"The cat actually ran towards the dogs and started swiping at [my] dog's face," Rodriguez said.

Her three-year-old dog, Bandida, suffered scratches on the face, ears and chin. Rodriguez was also scratched in the attack. She described the cat as being average in size with white fluffy fur.

Rodriguez said she was out for a walk with Bandida and a group of other pit bulls when the attack took place. (Javiera Rodriguez/Facebook)

Kyla Grover, the owner of two of the other dogs on the walk, said she couldn't believe what she saw.

"At first I was just shocked that this cat would go after seven dogs," she said. "I thought it would get scared and run away but it never did."

She said she stepped in to help halt the attack.

"Bandida being a pit bull, I knew if something were to happen she would get blamed and I couldn't have that happen, so I just needed to get them apart," she said.

Grover also received puncture wounds and scratches that had to be treated in an emergency room, which took  five hours she said.

Kyla Grover needed medical attention after she was bitten by a cat that was attacking her friend's pit bull. (Javiera Rodriguez)

No dangerous cat bylaw

When Rodriguez reported the attack to the municipality, she found out Saanich only has bylaws on dangerous dogs

"Regardless of what kind of pet you have, owners should be held responsible," she said.

Within the larger government district that encompasses Saanich, the Capital Regional District, there is a bylaw that prevents animals from being uncontrolled anywhere other than on its owner or caretaker's property.

One of the owners of the cat, Del Thompson, has apologized and has paid for Rodriguez's veterinary bills.

He said "it could've been a lot worse" and said the cat has attacked other dogs before.

"She sleeps most of the time so she doesn't have any reaction to anything really, except when dogs come by my wife — then she acts like a guard dog," he said.

Thompson's wife was outside gardening when the attack took place.