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Carjacking suspect in custody in Surrey, baby found safe in stolen car

Police have a suspect in custody after a man allegedly went on an armed crime and carjacking spree in Surrey, B.C., that at one point involved a seven-week-old baby.

Suspect stole a truck that was then involved in a multi-vehicle crash, before stealing the car with the baby

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      Police have a suspect in custody after a man allegedly went on an armed crime and carjacking spree in Surrey, B.C. on Tuesday afternoon.

      Surrey RCMP say they first responded to reports of a man with a gun near the area of Fraser Highway and 186 Street at around 12:40 p.m. PT.

      While officers were en route to the scene, a man believed to be the alleged gunman stole a Toyota pickup truck with a woman inside.

      Some time later, the stolen truck was involved in a crash that involved at least five vehicles near Fraser Highway and 184 Street

      The suspect then allegedly extricated himself from the overturned truck and carjacked a Ford Escape with a woman inside and her seven-week-old baby girl in the back seat. 

      Cpl. Bert Paquet said all available units responded immediately to try to locate the vehicle and the baby.

      "I saw a response from officers I had never seen before in 20 years of service. All officers everywhere in Surrey, who were not attached to an urgent file, immediately went and patrolled aggressively looking for the vehicle and the baby," said Paquet.

      Officers found the car abandoned in the area of 96A Avenue and 158 Street within minutes, police said. The baby, who was still inside and was unharmed, is now with her mother.

      Paquet said officers listening to events unfold in the radio room were overjoyed when the car was found and began clapping when they heard the baby was unharmed.

      "That's probably the best Christmas present our officers have ever given to anyone. [We're ] extremely satisfied about the outcome."

      A gun has been recovered from the crash scene and several witnesses have already come forward.

      Paquet said no one in the crash suffered life threatening injuries, although some were transported to hospital with minor injuries.

      "It's a Christmas miracle...No one is fighting for their lives right now, the baby has been found and reunited with mother. I can't think of a family right now who is going to have a more special Christmas."

      Google Map: Key locations in Surrey carjacking spree