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Travel Twitter account misplaces Capilano suspension bridge on Portuguese island

A travel Twitter account misplaced the popular B.C. attraction on a lush Portuguese island.

Twitter lights up with jokes to set the record straight

Who knew the Capilano Suspension Bridge linked up with a lush mountain trail on a remote Portuguese island?

That according to a popular travel Twitter account which recently mistook the popular B.C. attraction for a trail on Portugal's Sao Miguel island, a popular holiday destination in the mid-Atlantic.

To set the record straight. the Capilano Suspension Bridge is actually: 

  1. Not a hiking trail but a bridge that's 70 metres above the Capilano River.
  2. In North Vancouver. 
  3. A classic example of West Coast forest with Douglas firs and cedar trees. 

And it looks like this:

Just to clear: this is what the Capilano Suspension Bridge actually looks like. (Capilano Suspension Bridge)

British Columbians were quick to point out the error with some snark.

Perhaps it's right next to this lovely port ...

... its turbulent waters barely contained by this sizeable dam.

There's great hiking nearby — where you can find giraffes!

And spectacular drives on the way there. 

Plus great culture. 

And of course, sandy beaches. 

Why, there's even an excellent university nearby.

And a bridge that you need to cross to get there. 

The people who run the actually-in-B.C. attraction say they have enjoyed watching the tweets. 

"We've definitely had a good giggle about it," said Stacy Chala, the communications manager for the Capilano Suspension Bridge.

She said their team thought about sending out their own witty tweet, but felt that Twitter did it well enough. 

It's not the first time the bridge has been misidentified, says Chala, but this might be the funniest reaction the mistake has garnered. 

"It's pretty darn funny and it's all in good fun."

With files from Alex Migdal.


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