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Canucks fans say bigger beers won't mean more drunkenness

The Vancouver Canucks want fans to be able to buy 20 oz. beers at Rogers Arena, rather than the current limit of 12 oz.

Team wants 20-oz. option at Rogers Arena

Canucks want bigger beers for fans

9 years ago
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Vancouver team also wants hard liquor available during games

The Vancouver Canucks want fans to be able to buy 20 oz. beers at Rogers Arena, rather than the current limit of 12 oz., and are also asking for the ability to serve hard liquor at concessions.

The Canucks are among the dozens of organizations and people who have made submissions to the Liquor Policy Review consultation process since the website launched in September.

B.C. residents wishing to change provincial liquor laws have only four days left to have their say on the site set up by the provincial government.

B.C.'s craft distillers want the 170 per cent markup they pay to be reduced to the 123 per cent paid by the B.C. wine industry.

Peter Hunt, owner of Victoria Spirits, which is known for its flagship Victoria Gin, notes that it would make his business immediately sustainable.

As it stands, Hunt says, his family invests $10,000 a month to keep business afloat and growing.

As well as allowing British Columbians to suggest changes to the liquor laws, the site also features written submissions provided by key stakeholders, video blogs from Parliamentary Secretary for Liquor Reform John Yap and an archival look at B.C.'s liquor history.

Answers to commonly held questions around the production, sale and consumption of beer, wine and spirits in the province are also provided.

Once the comments window closes Thursday, Yap will help compile a list of all submissions and present a final report to Attorney General Suzanne Anton by Nov. 25.


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