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Canuck the crow gets art exhibition in Vancouver

The infamous knife-stealing, subway-riding crow is now the subject of an art exhibition at ROAM Gallery.

ROAM Gallery features art inspired by Vancouver's infamous crow

The infamous knife-stealing crow, Canuck, is now the subject of an art exhibition at ROAM Gallery. (Artist: Kathrine Churchill)

Canuck the crow has achieved new degrees of stardom. 

The infamous knife-stealing, subway-riding crow is now the subject of an art exhibition at ROAM Gallery

The bird achieved worldwide notoriety after it was accused of swooping off with a knife from a crime scene in Vancouver. Police gave chase to the bird, and the crow dropped the knife eventually. 

Jennifer Angers Daerendinger, the gallery's curator, said she's a fan of Canuck

"He's such a character, a mischievous little brat. He's such a bad boy," she said. 

Canuck the crow has picked up a knife with his beak in the past as seen in this photo posted to Facebook on Jan. 8. (Canuck and I/Facebook)

The idea for a show based on Canuck came up when she met with Shawn Bergman, the man behind the Facebook page, Canuck and I

'It's an incredibly special relationship that I wouldn't trade for the world," says Bergman on the gallery website.

"He's met so many people and had so many experiences with them. He likes who he likes, and he doesn't like who he doesn't like. He is a wild crow after all. But I do think he likes getting his picture taken."

The show features photograph Bergman has taken of the crow, and 50 per cent of those sales will go to Greyhaven Exotic Bird Sanctuary

Here's a sampling of some of the art at the show.

(Artist: Tamara Spence)
(Artist: Candice Whiting)
(Artist: Lori Bagneres)
(Shawn Bergman)