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Take a tour around a cannabis facility in full bloom

A cannabis cultivation plant in Langley offered a sneak peek at a room full of marijuana plants in full bloom the day before harvest.

The marijuana plants at this Langley facility are in full bloom and ready for harvest

The environment, including temperature and humidity, around these cannabis plants is carefully controlled to promote their growth. (Harold Dupuis/CBC)

A cannabis cultivation plant in Langley has offered a sneak peek at what a room full of marijuana plants in full bloom looks like the day before they are harvested.

BlissCo Cannabis Corp. is a Canadian producer that earned a licence to access cannabis for medical purposes in March.

The staff at the BlissCo facility explain that there is no genetic deviation between plants because all the cuttings are taken from the same mother plant. (Harold Dupuis/CBC)

The plants are watered through an irrigation system but staff also water them individually. (Harold Dupuis/CBC)

While BlissCo is allowed to cultivate plants and prepare dried cannabis and cannabis oil, and is applying for licences to sell its products.

The cultivation rooms at this facility are highly secured in order to keep the environment stable for the plants. (Harold Dupuis/CBC)

The company plans to eventually sell products from its own production as well as cannabis sourced from a supply agreement with 7 Acres, a subsidiary of The Supreme Cannabis Company in Ontario.

The buds can be collected once the plants are ready to be harvested. (Harold Dupuis/CBC)

The company says the Langley facility will become a hub for cultivation, processing, packaging and distribution.

This staff member is showing off a bag of 'White Widow,' one of the strains to be sold by BlissCo. (Harold Dupuis/CBC)


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