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Thousands of blood donations needed before end of year, says agency

Snowstorms, freezing rain and unexpected snowfall across the country have curbed efforts for many to give blood this winter, says Canadian Blood Services.

Snow and cold weather hampering donations this winter

Cherise Louie of Canadian Blood Services says the holidays and unusual winter conditions have hampered blood donations. (Angela Sterritt )

Canadian Blood Services says snowstorms, freezing rain and unexpected snowfall across the country have hampered efforts by many to give blood this winter.

The non-profit organization says about 26,000 more donors are needed across Canada before the end of the year. 

"We are a little nervous today," Cherise Louie, a spokeswoman Canadian Blood Services in B.C., said Tuesday.

The need for blood is linked to the hospital orders the agency receives — and anticipates — from across the country, Louie said. 

Canadian Blood Services says while there has been some pick-up, the need is still high.

Last week, Canadian Blood services lost close to 2,000 donations in a few days alone, because of poor weather and a holiday lull.

"We do have about 30 or 40 appointments needed, so we do need more donors [to come in]" Louie said from the Oak Street blood donor clinic in Vancouver.

This is Bruce Nolte's 181st time donating blood. He has been donating blood every 56 days and says he does it to save lives. (Angela Sterritt )

Saving lives

Barbara Crichton was already a blood donor when her son had a liver transplant. The experience spurred her to see the importance of donating blood. She donates her time at the Oak Street blood donor clinic. (Angela Sterritt )

Barbara Crichton has always donated blood, but after her son had a liver transplant, she was spurred to do more. Chrichton now volunteers at the blood donor clinic each week.

"I'm just so thankful to everyone who donates," Crichton said.

For Bruce Nolte, who has donated blood 181 times, getting a needle in the arm and watching the blood flow into a bag has become commonplace.

"Knowing that people need blood, and it can be used for everything from surgeries to newborns, well, it goes to save lives," Nolte said.

"Every time you give, it can save lives.".

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