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Change rooms and vending machines: Canada Post opens 'concept store' in Vancouver

Canada Post is hoping a new store in downtown Vancouver will appeal to people purchasing goods online.

Store at 495 West Georgia hopes to appeal to online shoppers

The retail concept store in Vancouver includes self-serve shipping kiosks. (Denis Dossman/CBC)

Canada Post is hoping a new brick-and-mortar store in downtown Vancouver can help with the issues that arise with online retail.

A new concept store, which opened at 495 West Georgia Street on Tuesday, includes 24-hour service, vending machines for stamps and supplies and even change rooms for people to try on clothes — and immediately return them.

"Canada Post is into the area of cyber commerce. We deliver two-thirds of all the packages Canadians order online. This new post office will help small business and our clients to send their packages and do whatever they need to do," said Canada Post spokeswoman Aurelie Walsh at the ribbon-cutting ceremony.

The new Canada Post store has a fitting room, so people can immediately try on their clothes and return them if they don't fit. (Denis Dossmann/CBC)

The company believes the store will appeal to the increasing number of people who rely on e-commerce to purchase goods — especially with the holiday season around the corner.

"We expect it will get really busy during cyber week, with Black Friday and Cyber Monday, where we see lots of businesses offering really good deals and offering free delivery," said Walsh.

Canada Post estimates it will deliver seven million more packages in the 2016 holiday season than it did in 2015. 

Vending machines allow customers to buy stamps and shipping supplies. (Denis Dossmann/CBC)