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Can any dog be a Super Dog?

Lisa Sun of Super Dogs shows us her three pets and their tricks and talks about the passion and the fun she had training dogs and doing the agility sport.

Super Dogs one of the many exhibits at the Pet Lovers Show in Abbotsford

Trainer Lisa Sun says any dog with curiosity and willingness to please can do it 6:30

Can your dog do the moon walk? All of Lisa Sun's dogs can.

Sun is an agility trainer and is a Super Dog handler. 

She believes all dogs have potential to learn new skills.

"You know we can learn anything, cooking, teaching, language, dogs can learn as many tricks and skills as you pretty much want to in life".

Sun says to find out what your dog loves -- typically either toys or food -- and make that the reward for learning new skills.

"They'll repeat those behaviours to get those things in life."

Super Dogs block out distractions and clapping by concentrating on the reward they get for performing.

"Some dogs just love it. They hear the music going and they just go faster!"

Super Dogs are featured at the PNE every year. You can also see them over the weekend of Feb 25-26 at the Pet Lovers Show in Abbotsford.

Watch Lisa Sun and her third dog a one-eyed rescue pug named Bam Bam dance for Jason D'Souza on Our Vancouver.

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