Calling all rock stars: You could be B.C.'s air guitar champion

Shred a little air guitar now and then? Kamloops is hosting the first B.C. regional finals for air guitar, and they're looking for serious air musicians to perform.

Kamloops to host B.C. regional air guitar finals

Kaje Annihilatrix was Alberta's air guitar champion in 2016. (Kaje Annihilatrix/Instagram)

Think you've got what it takes to be the next air guitar champion? Your dreams may be coming true — a regional competition is coming to B.C. that could ultimately get you to Finland for the world championships.

The winner of regionals will get a paid trip to Toronto to compete in the national championship, and that winner will go to Oulu, Finland for a three-day workshop and world championships.

B.C. competition organizers Kayly Erno and Aaron Shufletoski (also known as Kara She-en Inferno and Arron The Big Butowski) are looking for air musicians to register for the event.

Rules and regulations

There are only two rules to air guitar, Shufletoski says: your air guitar must be invisible and it can be either acoustic or electric.

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There are two rounds in the competition. In the first round, air guitarists will have 60 seconds to perform to a song of their choosing. The song in round two is chosen by the audience, and all performers will play that same song.

So, what does it take to be B.C.'s air guitar champ?

Erno says judges will be watching for feel and technique.

"They're paying attention to strumming, whether you're hitting every chord, and every single little nuance in the guitar."

There are a couple different philosophies behind air guitar, Shufletoski says.

First, there is what Shufletoski calls the showman who is all about what her terms "peacocking out."

"And then there's the true Bruce Springsteen of air guitar where you're really there all about the air guitar. It's not about making a big show of it. It's about being able to really play your air guitar," Shufletoski said.

Zen of air guitar

Erno and Shufletoski say air guitar is about more than just acting crazy and showing off after one too many beers — it's an act of meditation.

"When you're playing air guitar you're just going for it, you're playing, you're doing and there's no thinking," said Erno.

Erno says part of the workshop in Finland will focus on the zen of the air guitar.

"They work on all sorts of yoga kind of practices, very meditative and learn the moves and the structure of air guitar," she said.

"There's an old air guitar proverb that if you're holding an air guitar you can't hold a gun," Shufletoski added.

The B.C. regional air guitar finals are set for June 15 in Kamloops.