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Busy parks and beaches in Vancouver cue outrage on social media

Park board commissioner Tricia Barker says most people are doing their best, most of the time and that's what counts.

Park board commissioner Tricia Barker says most people are doing their best, most of the time

English Bay was a popular spot for many on Sunday night in Vancouver. (Anne-Julie Têtu/Radio-Canada)

Photos of busy parks and beaches in Vancouver prompted outrage on social media from many concerned that people aren't doing their part to keep a safe distance from each other to prevent the spread of COVID-19. 

With warm and sunny weather hitting the South Coast over the weekend, many flocked to the region's outdoor hot spots like Kitsilano and Sunset beaches. 

Park board commissioner Tricia Barker says she understands people's frustration, but she urged people to be compassionate and understand that everyone is doing their best — and sometimes that means not everyone will comply with the rules, all the time.

"Take care of the people around you and do your best, and hopefully they will be doing their best," Barker said. "I think most people are following the rules and I'm actually very surprised at how used we've gotten to doing this."

Provincial Health Officer Dr. Bonnie Henry echoed that sentiment during the province's daily briefing on COVID-19 on Saturday.

Henry said she had also noticed some groups congregating outside. But she also said that, for the most part, people seemed to be staying apart. 

"I think most people are doing the right thing. They're in a group, but they're sitting apart from each other. And that's the key — maintaining that social distance."

Henry has regularly encouraged people to get outside for their mental and physical wellbeing. 

On Saturday, she also reiterated that B.C. is still in phase 1 of its coronavirus recovery plan and that people should only venture outside with those they live with, and otherwise stay at least two metres apart. 

"The risks of this virus are still high," she said. "Keep that safe distance, that is incredibly important."

Barker points out that people who do want to get outside can also check out some of the city's less well-known parks. 

"We have 240 parks in the city," Barker said. "And you can probably find green space there and it might even [be] closer for you to get to."








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