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Police clear out Burnaby 'demoviction' protesters

The RCMP cleared out seven protesters who were occupying an apartment building slated for demolition in Burnaby.

Protester says about 20 RCMP officers smashed windows and entered building this morning

The RCMP has cleared protesters who were occupying this apartment building slated for demolition in Burnaby. (Christer Waara/CBC)

The RCMP arrested several protesters this morning who were occupying an apartment building that was slated for demolition in Burnaby, B.C..

Natalie Knight says she and the other protesters were asleep when about 20 RCMP officers smashed a window and came into the building.

The group had been protesting so-called demovictions in Burnaby.

The development company that owns the building had received a court injunction to remove the protesters, and police took all seven people out of the building.

Knight said three, including herself, were arrested, but she says they were released without being charged after signing an agreement saying they will stay away from the property.

Want end to demovictions

Police provided a slightly different version of the events. In a statement Burnaby RCMP said seven people were arrested, but four were released at the scene, and the others were brought to the detachment for processing.

The statement said that the protesters will not be required to appear in court as long as they agree to stay away from the properties covered by the injunction.

Knight says the protesters will continue calling for an end to the so-called demovictions, which is when tenants are evicted from apartment buildings that provide affordable rental housing so new condo towers can be built.

The building at 5025 Imperial Avenue is slated to be torn down to make way for a high-rise. The protesters first occupied the building on July 9 to protest the evictions.

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