British Columbia

Burnaby Mtn. gondola shelved by TransLink

TransLink says there's not a good business case after all for a gondola cable-car system to replace diesel buses on the route up Burnaby Mountain to Simon Fraser University.

Cable-car system said to be more reliable than diesel buses in winter

It appears a plan to build an overhead cable-car gondola system heading up Burnaby Mountain to Simon Fraser University won't be happening any time soon.

A new report by the Lower Mainland transit authority TransLink shows there are many benefits to the proposal, but the gondola would cost about $12 million more over 25 years than sticking with bus service on the route.

Jeffrey Busby, Translink's manager of infrastructure planning, said Wednesday that there still are benefits to justify the $120-million cost of the project.

Busby said the gondola project could be included in future TransLink strategic planning.

The 2009 concept envisioned a way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by replacing diesel buses, to improve travel times and to increase transit reliability.

During the winter months, bus service up Burnaby Mountain is often delayed because of icy road conditions.

Homeowners on Burnaby Mountain expressed concerns about the safety and the potential for privacy invasion of having cable cars frequently passing overhead all day long.