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Burnaby fire that destroyed 8 cars deemed 'less suspicious'

A massive fire destroyed eight vehicles parked at a Burnaby, B.C., apartment complex Friday night.

Video surveillance shows a light fixture sparking the blaze

Suspicious blaze

10 years ago
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A large fire destroyed eight cars and cut power to over 1,000 in central Burnaby.

Police in Burnaby say that a massive fire that destroyed eight vehicles parked at a Burnaby, B.C., apartment complex Friday night is being considered "less suspicious."

Burnaby Assistant Fire Chief, Mark Fletcher, said the blaze started at around 7 p.m. PT in the parking lot, located near the intersection of Nelson Street and Imperial Avenue and Bonsor Park.

Witnesses said the fire spread quickly from car to car.

"The fire was very large," Fletcher said. "It was very impressive when we arrived." 

"The crews did a great job in knocking it down. They protected the buildings that are all around the fire," he said.

The fire also spread to a hydro line, and power was cut to over 1,000 customers near Metrotown for part of the evening.

Power was restored to most buildings, except those closest to the fire site, by the end of the night.

There were some evacuations, but no one was hurt in the blaze.

A blaze started at around 7 p.m. PT Friday night in the parking lot of an apartment complex near Bonsor Park in Burnaby, B.C. (CBC)

Fire officials initially said that the blaze appeared to be suspicious. Some witnesses at the scene reported that mattresses, couches and garbage were piled up near dumpsters in the parking area at the rear of the complex, at the location of the fire.

Some witnesses also reported seeing people loitering in the parking area just before the fire started.

But, on Saturday, police reviewed video surveillance and said that the recording shows that a light fixture malfunctioned and ignited the fire.

Although the investigation is not complete, a police spokesperson said that the footage is leading them to consider the fire cause as "less suspicious." 

Approximately 80 homes were still without power Saturday afternoon

With files from the CBC's Susana da Silva