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Brothers honoured for bravery by Vancouver Police Board

Brian and Graham Haddon's trip to Scotland took an unexpected detour when they had to lift an SUV off a motorcyclist on the way to the airport. This week, the Vancouver Police Board honoured them for their bravery.

Brian and Graham Haddon lifted an SUV off a motorcyclist and received the board's highest honour

Left to right: VPD Chief Constable Adam Palmer, Brian Haddon, Graham Haddon, and Vancouver Police Board member Sherri Magee at a ceremony on Tuesday, Jan. 19 to honour the Haddons for lifting an SUV off a motorcyclist. (Brian Haddon)

Two Simon Fraser University students were lauded for bravery by the Vancouver Police Board after they helped lift an SUV off a motorcyclist.

Brothers Brian and Graham Haddon received the certificate of merit — the Board's highest honour — at a ceremony on Tuesday.

The incident took place in August of 2014. The Haddons, both members of SFU's pipe band, were on their way to the airport for a trip to Scotland, when they heard awful screams as an SUV ran over a motorcyclist at the Knight Street onramp on Southeast Marine Drive.

"We saw that she was trapped between her motorcycle and the bottom of the SUV, so we started lifting," Brian Haddon told Early Edition guest host Stephen Quinn. "And she was able to become a little more comfortable because there was no pressure on her. And after probably about five minutes we were able to get her out from underneath. and, miraculously, she was OK. Which was great."

A few passersby came to the brothers' aid and helped keep the SUV lifted while the motorcyclist was pulled out. However, Haddon said most people just drove by. Some even recorded the incident.

"We did yell a little bit at some people, yes," he said.

Haddon says he was glad to hear the only injuries the motorcyclist sustained was bruising.

He describes the feeling of knowing he and his brother helped save someone as "incredibly satisfying."

"We always need to help each other out ... Or else, what are we here to do?" he asked. "We figured we just needed to help. It was just something that needed to be done."

And the icing on the cake of this whole situation?

The brothers didn't even miss their flight to Scotland.

To hear the full story, click the audio labelled: Brothers who lifted SUV off motorcyclist honoured for bravery


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