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Meet one of the artists from Vancouver's Eastside Culture Crawl

Britta Fluevog is one of the Eastside artists opening up her studio and home for the annual culture crawl that runs through the city's dense artistic community.

The annual event enters its milestone 20th year

Britta Fluevog is one of hundreds of artists opening their studios for the annual crawl 4:24

Twenty years ago, Vancouver's Eastside Culture Crawl began with 45 visual artists from Strathcona studios and was attended by a few hundred people. 

Now the works of 450 artists, crafts-people, and designers bring out 25,000 'crawlers' who spend one or two days moving from studio, garage, or home to connect with the people who work and live in the richly artistic community.

Britta Fluevog is one of the featured artists.

After starting her career working with textiles, she moved on to ceramics, which she says which have a very "woven" look to them in keeping with her first art.

"They are very tactile, they are heavy and require a lot of hand work and they also work with you."

Fluevog shows Gloria Macarenko some her weaving, that is done on a traditional floor loom with additional ceramics. (CBC)

The crawl takes place over four days between November 17-20 and Fluevog suggests having a plan before you go out.

"Figure out how much time you want to spend and plan your crawl accordingly."

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