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Briar Stewart is a senior reporter with CBC News. For more than a decade, she has been covering stories for television, radio and online. She is based in Vancouver and can be reached at or on Twitter @briarstewart

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Canadian researcher to lead largest known study on transgender athletes

A Canadian-born researcher is helping to launch the first substantial study of transgender athletes in a bid to better understand how transitioning and hormone therapy affects athletic performance. 

Where are the endangered whales? Southern residents haven't been spotted in B.C.'s Salish Sea

Southern resident killer whales which are often spotted in the Salish Sea near Vancouver throughout June haven't been seen this season, and scientists believe that could be because of the lack of chinook salmon.

'Ick factor,' not science is driving Victoria's $765M wastewater treatment project, say critics

Two years into the construction of Victoria's first wastewater treatment facility and a year and a half out from completion, the $765 million project is still being debated — heralded as long overdue by some and dismissed as unnecessary by others.

Police 'strongly believe' suspected Christchurch gunman planned to attack 3rd mosque

As the first funerals were held for some of the 50 victims in the Christchurch mosque attacks, New Zealand police announced that they believed the accused shooter was on his way to attack a third target when his vehicle was rammed by police officers.

'Many precious people died': Imam reeling after Christchurch mosque shootings

An imam at one of the two Christchurch, New Zealand, mosques targeted by a gunman remains haunted by what he saw and the lives lost, with his eyes revealing his exhaustion, as burial ceremonies are set to proceed for some of the 50 victims.

'It might be us now, but it could be you tomorrow': Survivors reckon with deadly mosque shootings

"Each time we close our eyes, we see all of the dead bodies around us," says Abdul Aziz, a 48-year-old father of four who is being hailed as a hero after chasing the gunman in Christchurch, New Zealand.

B.C. hospitals using virtual reality to help kids cope with painful procedures

Virtual reality goggles are being deployed to every department at BC Children's Hospital to help distract children during painful procedures.

'This is where they must have found her': Woman who refused to flee California fire is one of the dead

Nearly two weeks after a fire ripped through Paradise, Calif., hundreds are still unaccounted for, while some families have learned their loved ones have died in the fire.

'I still need to heal': 1 year after the Vegas massacre, a Canadian survivor struggles

One year after Jan Lambourne was injured in the the worst mass shooting in recent U.S. history, the 47-year-old Manitoba woman is still struggling to heal physically and emotionally from the wounds that have scarred her body and shaped her life.

Scientists can't help distraught orca holding dead calf — but they can try to keep it safe

For more than a week, a whale known as J-35 has been holding up its deceased calf, a process that requires tremendous energy from the mother. Orca observers have seen this behaviour before — but not for this long — and that has some scientists worried.

And then there were 3: Filmmaker documents caribou herd on the brink of extinction

Ten caribou herds in Canada's West are on the verge of dying out. For one amateur filmmaker who spent a decade documenting what he thought would be a conservation success story, the recent decline is like a 'huge kick in the gut.'
CBC in Thailand

'They have become the world's kids': Locals awed after Thai cave rescue captured world's attention

At the scene of the cave rescue in Chiang Rai, Thailand, everyone involved in the operation - from volunteer translators to men who pumped water out of the cave - was overcome with emotion upon learning the last of the 12 boys and their soccer coach had been safely rescued on Tuesday.

More than 2 weeks on, sweeping sense of relief near Thai cave site

For more than two weeks, people in this community have been through an emotional whirlwind in Thailand that began when a youth soccer team didn't return from an after-practice outing to a cave on June 23.

Why Colorado's black market for marijuana is booming 4 years after legalization

Four years after the legalization of marijuana in Colorado, the black market for weed is thriving. It's being driven by criminal organizations that smuggle their crop into states where it's still illegal. Some local buyers are deterred by the higher dispensary prices and are loyal to long-time dealers.

Kayakers take Kinder Morgan protest offshore in U.S.

More than 200 kilometres south of where the Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain pipeline expansion is slated to end, environmental groups in the U.S. took to the water on Sunday in Seattle to add their voices to the ongoing opposition to the project.