British Columbia

Breathalyzer leads to 3 day driving prohibition for B.C. mayor

The mayor of Vernon, B.C. is apologizing after he recently blew in the "warn" range of a roadside breathalyzer test and was issued a driving prohibition.

'Unfortunately I assumed I was OK to drive,' says Vernon Mayor Akbal Mund

Mayor Akbal Mund blew in the 'warn' range which is under the maximum legal limit but still results in the immediate seizure of a driver's licence. (CBC)

The mayor of Vernon, B.C., was issued an immediate three day driving prohibition after he recently blew in the "warn" range of a roadside breathalyzer test.

On Oct. 28, Mund was pulled over by police as he was driving a friend home and asked to provide a breath sample.

The mayor said he "had a couple of drinks that night" and blew in the "warn" range which indicates a blood alcohol concentration of over 0.05 per cent. Currently, the maximum legal limit for all drivers in Canada is 0.08 per cent. 

 "Unfortunately, I assumed I was OK to drive and was pulled over and was given a prohibition from driving," said Mund in a written statement to CBC.

'I apologize'

"I apologize for my actions and have learned a valuable lesson of the effects of alcohol on one's system."

In addition to the driving prohibition, Mund was also ordered to pay a $200 fine as well as a driver's licence reinstatement fee.

"I think when you're representing a city and you're in charge, you should be the first one to maintain the status quo and you should be someone that the citizens look up to," said Vernon resident Russ Ohlhausen.

"Being a public figure ... he should maybe not drink and drive. Just like the rest of us," said resident Katarina Galonski.

With files from CBC's Radio West and CBC's Daybreak South.