Brad Turner, Vancouver's prolific jazz artist, releases two new albums

Turner, of Metalwood fame, will be performing with his quartet and trio at Frankie’s Italian Kitchen & Bar in Vancouver.

These albums are the first since 2007 that Turner has been band leader on a recording

Brad Turner plays trumpet with his quartet, piano with his trio, and is also a skilled drummer. (The Jazz Room, flickr cc)

Prolific Vancouver jazz musician Brad Turner can still remember when he first decided he wanted to become a professional jazz musician.

He was a high school student sitting in a stuffy classroom in New Westminster, attending a summer jazz clinic, when his instructor Phil Nimmons put on My Funny Valentine by Miles Davis.

"It was really hot, and listening to that, all of a sudden something changed," he told Hot Air host Margaret Gallagher.

"I didn't know what I was hearing really, but I knew that I wanted to learn how to express myself on the trumpet like that if I could."

Two new albums

Turner went on to become a triple threat: he became skilled in trumpet, piano and drums, with an distinctive voice that has earned him many awards, including back-to-back Juno Awards for this work with electric jazz group Metalwood.

Brad Turner is performing with both his quartet and trio at Frankie's Italian Kitchen & Bar Nov. 7. (Coastal Jazz)

After a few years' break between releasing albums, Turner is back, dropping two albums at the same time — Over My Head, with his quartet, and Here Now, with his trio.

Turner plays trumpet with his quartet, piano with his trio, and will be performing with both bands on Saturday, Nov. 7 at Frankie's Italian Kitchen & Bar, where Coastal Jazz and Cory Weeds of the now defunct Cellar Jazz Club oversee the live music schedule.

His two new albums are his first albums where he is the bandleader, since his 2007 album Small Wonder with his quartet.

Music education

He's remained busy in the years since, playing on other artists' albums, producing, and teaching jazz at Capilano University.

"I love my job up there. I really enjoy helping young musicians out with what they're working on...and pass on whatever I can from my experience, just keep the art form going basically."

A music education was important in Turner's development, as his musical father and older musicians encouraged him to study classical trumpet in university.

"It seemed like a good idea for me to really study the instrument and have a pretty broad foundational knowledge of how to play the thing, so that when it came time to try to earn my living just that way, I'd be a little more versatile."

When asked what his advice would be to young jazz musicians, Turner had this to say:

"The reason that I make music and art is because I need to. I love it. And that's a good enough reason. When things get a little bit thin from time to time, or challenging, frustrating, just remember that you still have that."

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