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Brendon Williams of 'dudeoir' fame appears in American Eagle underwear ad

When Brendon Williams made his wife a photo album of funny, sexy pictures of himself, he probably didn't think it would land him a role in an underwear ad in Times Square.

'If my butt made it to Times Square, who knows where it could go next?'

Brendon Williams as he appeared in American Eagle's ad for their Aerie line of underwear. (American Eagle Outfitters/YouTube)

You might remember Brendon Williams as the man from Langford, B.C., who shot to internet fame when a series of boudoir photographs he had taken for his wife blew up online.

Well now Williams is cashing in on his online fame — he has become an underwear model for American Eagle, appearing in a television ad shown in Times Square.

Brendon Williams did the photo shoot as a present for his wife. (Masika May Photography/Facebook)

"I was contacted by a production assistant asking if I was interested in being in a commercial," he told All Points West host Robyn Burns.

"I didn't really have much detail about what the commercial was about. It seemed super shady, I kind of thought it was from a Nigerian prince or something like that."

Williams says he went through a Skype casting call, where he had no idea what to expect. But, as he put it, he "pulled it out of his butt," aced the audition and was flown to L.A. to film the commercial.

End of story?

Williams says he had no idea what he would encounter when he arrived.

"My character was a guy named Doug, and, if I take my shirt off I'm pretty clearly a Doug," he said. "My character was a health nut and a yoga freak. Somehow I managed to pull off some yoga poses."

The commercial, Williams says, is about being comfortable with a natural body, and the models in the ad are more "normal-looking" than in other campaigns.

"There's a trend that way," Williams said about the growing profile of less-idealized body types in modeling.

What started as just an album of funny, sexy photos he made for his wife's birthday has turned into a bigger opportunity for Williams, who says he's now on the lookout for an agent — although he's not sure how far his modelling career will ultimately go.

"Underwear's kind of where I've made my mark on this world, I guess," he said. "If my butt made it to Times Square, who knows where it could go next?"

How's this for a seductive pose? One of the photographs Brendon Williams took for his wife, which went viral. (Masika May Photography)

With files from All Points West

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