British Columbia

Body of young Kamloops pilot found

Search crews have located the wreckage of the missing Cessna aircraft along with the body of a young Kamloops pilot missing since Tuesday.

Lorne Perreault, 16, was training for his pilot's licence

Search crews have located the wreckage of a Cessna aircraft along with the body of a young Kamloops pilot missing since Tuesday.

At approximately 6:30 p.m. PT on Wednesday, a Royal Canadian Air Force Buffalo aircraft spotted the wreckage of the plane in the Cache Creek Hills, west of Kamloops.

An RCAF Cormorant helicopter lowered two search and rescue technicians to the site, where they confirmed it was the same Cessna 172 crews had been searching for.

The body of Lorne Perreault, the 16-year-old pilot, was also found at the scene. Perreault was taken to the Kamloops airport where he was pronounced dead by a coroner.

The young pilot was at the controls of a Cessna 172. (CBC)

Perreault was training for his private pilot's licence when he took off in the Cessna around 10:30 a.m. PT Tuesday.

When he didn't return by 12:45 p.m., search crews were deployed.

On Wednesday, four military aircraft and two civilian planes flew over the western half of Kamloops Lake and the Lillooet area, scanning for debris or any signs of life.

"This is incredibly troubling to us," said David Cruz, the director of TylAir Aviation where Perrault was a student. "I don't know the words to express ... he was completely out of where he was supposed to be."

Cruz said Perreault had logged nearly 100 hours of flight time experience and had all the skills necessary in order to fly the plane.