Bob Keating

CBC reporter covering the Kootenays

Bob Keating is an award winning reporter who runs the CBC Nelson bureau.

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Man says his firing from a Kootenay sawmill was racially motivated

A Black Canadian fired from his job at a sawmill believes he was dismissed due to his race.

B.C. hockey team to keep Indigenous logo with approval from nearby First Nation chief

After receiving consent from a local First Nation, the Rossland Warriors will continue to use a logo that features an Indigenous symbol.

'I can't sleep here anymore': B.C. couple worries home will slide into river, as bank continues to wash away

A couple from the Slocan Valley is worried their retirement home is about to slide down a 40 metre bank, and they may have to walk away from it.

City offering to buy out 80 Grand Forks homeowners 2 years after floods

Grand Forks was deluged with so much water the army was called in to help. Now, the city is buying out residents like Muriel Neale. It's hired a company to appraise, negotiate and draw up offers for about 80 homeowners.

'Testing is key': B.C. mayor frustrated suspected COVID-19 case in his village isn't getting tested

The mayor of a village in the Kootenays says he's frustrated by how little testing there is for people with suspected COVID-19, especially in rural B.C., after someone in his village was told they likely had the virus but couldn't get tested.

She lives in a trailer on her father's land. But now the district has ordered her out

A woman from the Creston area says local government is trying to kick her out of her trailer and off land owned by her father.

B.C. mill bucks trend with expansion amid downturn in forest industry

At a time when many forestry companies in B.C. are laying off, curtailing mills or shutting them down altogether the Kalesnikoffs are investing $35 million in a new mill and hiring.

Provincial program aims to help marijuana growers enter legal market

A new program in Nelson establishes a cannabis transition team to help growers get recreational licences. The province has given the program $675,000 to help startup marijuana businesses and existing operations go legal.

Touted as world's largest avalanche-detection system, $3M Rogers Pass network faces first big snow test

What the Canadian government trumpets as the most extensive avalanche detection network in the world is expected to be put to the test any day now — with the first big dump of snow.

Particle-accelerator contracts speed growth of Nelson engineering company

D-Pace has just won two contracts to build ion source facilities, complex accelerator machines that create charged particles for medical and technological applications. They are rarely built outside major urban centres.

Trouble at mill: Serious accident at legal grow-op site raises local concerns

RCMP are investigating a serious accident at a large marijuana grow-op north of Nelson, B.C., while local residents ask how anyone got a licence to grow weed at the troubled former sawmill.

Boy with a GoPro helps solve decades-old missing person's case

An almost three decade-old missing persons case in B.C. has been solved in part because of a curious 13-year-old boy and his GoPro camera.

'The thing is our lifeline': Interior B.C. ferry strike imminent

Barring a last minute settlement, the largest freshwater ferry in the Interior will not be running this long weekend — and likely beyond that.

Site of proposed Jumbo Glacier Resort in southeastern B.C. to get federal protection

The federal Liberal government will offer the Ktunaxa First Nation more than $16 million to protect the Jumbo Valley in southeast B.C., the CBC has learned.

Pot magnate takes Grand Forks to court for refusing retail licence

Weeds Glass and Gifts, owned by Don Briere, bought an unused bus station and planned to open a cannabis shop in Grand Forks, B.C.