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Better Business Bureau warns scams are on the rise

The Better Business Bureau has released its top 10 scams - while the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre says Canadians lost $70 million to scams last year.

Most of the top 10 scams come from online fraud, says the BBB

Computer scams are growing, according to the Better Business Bureau. (iStock)

Canadians lost $70 million to scams last year, according to the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre.

That's up from $53 million in 2013 and mainly due to online fraudsters, the Better Business Bureau said on Wednesday.

"Technology continues to help scammers cast a wider net for people to be susceptible," said Danielle Primrose, president of BBB serving mainland B.C.

Here's a list of the top 10 scams:

1. Top Auto Scam - Automotive Online Pricing
2. Top Emotional Scam - Disaster Charity Fraud
3. Top Identity Theft - Remote Computer Repair
4. Top Social Media Scam - Fake Facebook Friend Request
5. Top Romance Scam – Catphishing/Online Dating scam
6. Top Utilities Scam – Fake Billing
7. Top Finance Scam - Online Affinity Fraud
8. Top Sales Scam - Redirected Robocalls
9. Top Big Data Scam - Big Box Breach
10. Top Ad Scam - Fake Online Reviews


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