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Bethany Lindsay has more than a decade of experience in B.C. journalism, with a focus on the courts, health and social justice issues. She has also reported on human rights and crimes against humanity in Cambodia. Questions or news tips? Get in touch at or on Twitter through @bethanylindsay.

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Random roadside breath tests 'an erosion of constitutional rights,' B.C. man's petition alleges

A B.C. man with severe asthma has filed a constitutional challenge against the federal government's new law on mandatory roadside breath tests.

Cash, cars and computers: How B.C. confiscates millions without showing evidence of crime

Administrative claims don't usually get a lot of press, but they account for a whopping 80 per cent of B.C.'s civil forfeiture files.

Vaccine misinformation spreading to pet owners, too, B.C. veterinarian says

"Usually people have done online research, and of course if you google vaccines, there's a lot of information out there and a lot of misinformation as well."

B.C. judge blasts Creep Catchers for 'repugnant' sting targeting developmentally disabled man

A Kamloops man with cognitive challenges was coaxed into luring a fictional child because of a "vainglorious" operation by the Creep Catchers, a B.C. judge wrote in a scathing assessment of the vigilante group.

Pimp alleging misconduct by former Vancouver police detective denied bail

Vancouver pimp Reza Moazami will not be released on bail while he waits for a chance to appeal his convictions based on alleged misconduct by a disgraced former detective.

4 executives of Vancouver's PacNet Services charged in international mail fraud scheme

Executives with a Vancouver payment processing company have been charged in the U.S. with several crimes linked to their alleged roles as middlemen in a massive international mail fraud scheme.

'Brain balancing' B.C. chiropractor suspended amid 3 investigations

Just 18 months after he arrived in B.C., Dan Sullins is already facing three investigations into his "brain balancing" chiropractic practice on the North Shore.

B.C. premier disappointed by approval of Trans Mountain expansion

John Horgan added that Ottawa has the authority to give the greenlight, and he’ll focus on making sure B.C. can protect its territory from the impact of a spill.

Lawsuits raise new allegations of sexual and psychological abuse by ex-VPD detective

Both women filed claims in B.C. Supreme Court on Monday alleging that James Fisher kissed and groped them.

'I was willing to try anything': UBC study explores why people fall for health scams

Forty per cent of people who participated in a recent survey said they'd clicked on an online health scam, according to a new study from researchers at the University of B.C.

B.C. Realtor who faked an offer and threatened a colleague has licence suspended

Last summer, the Real Estate Council of B.C. found that Trevor Inglis had committed professional misconduct by forging or altering an offer and then denying that he'd done it.

Atheist nurse's fight against mandatory AA will go before B.C. Human Rights Tribunal

A B.C. nurse who lost his job when he refused to attend a 12-step program for addiction will get a chance to argue he was discriminated against as an atheist.

A $1.1M project is just the first step in protecting a B.C. historic site from wildfire

The folks who manage Barkerville had just finished their plan for easing the risk of wildfire around the historic B.C. ghost town when the summer of 2017 began.

Have your say: B.C. could see major changes to oversight system for health-care workers

The next few months could mark a major turning point in how B.C.'s health-care professionals are regulated, and members of the public have just a few days left to offer their input.

B.C. massage therapists accused of sexual misconduct say they don't need chaperones

Three years ago, Trevor Scott was the subject of a precedent-setting ruling from B.C.’s highest court when he challenged his professional college over how it handled allegations of sexual misconduct made against him.