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The lure of Deep Cove: Become a tourist in your town

This week, On The Coast launched a new feature called Tourist In Your Town.

On The Coast visits Deep Cove to check out the scenery

Mountains and water surround Deep Cove in North Vancouver. (Sean Embury/Denman Digital Inc)

This week, On The Coast launched a new feature called Tourist In Your Town, where locals can show off the favourite parts of their towns.

For Deep Cove resident Sean Embury, "The Cove" is a pretty magical place to call home.

Embury suggests taking Parkside Path near the waterfront if you want an accessible adventure.

"It's usually a little less crowded, and at one end of Parkside Path, there's a little secret beach."

A double rainbow may not always be observable at Deep Cove, but there are plenty of hiking trails nearby with unique views. (Sean Embury/Denman Digital Inc)

Embury's been a local booster ever since he moved there, and he has this bit of advice: "I'm telling you, come to Deep Cove in the winter, you'll have it all to yourself."

As a prairie boy who grew up in Saskatchewan and then spent a few years in Chicago, Embury was always on the lookout for ski hills and mountain hikes.

When he came to Vancouver in the early 2000s, he remembered the seaside town he saw one summer in his teens.

It soon became home.

All-year residents

The warm summer weather often creates a strange combination of feelings. While wanderlust kicks in, so does the urge to lay low and stay close to home.

The neighbourhood at one end of the Deep Cove road was once home to weekend cottages, but now has many all-year residents.

And in the summer that number swells as people head into town. There's so much to see and do without a trip to the airport.

If you'd like to be a Tourist In Your Town, send an email to

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