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B.C. storm didn't ruin these outdoor weddings

August is the most popular month for weddings, and a few couples got more than they bargained for when their outdoor weddings were caught in last weekend's storm.

For brides, grooms and caterers alike, the show must go on despite the weather

A wedding party gets drenched at an outdoor wedding. It was a similar story for several couples in the Lower Mainland this weekend. (Lauri Väin/Flickr)

For better or for worse, richer or poorer, sunny weather or the worst storm in a decade, several couples exchanged vows in outdoor ceremonies as the weather went crazy in Metro Vancouver on Saturday.

For cooks and servers with The Lazy Gourmet catering service last weekend's storm was without a doubt their craziest professional experience ever, battling howling wind, torrential rain, and power outages at not one, but two outdoor weddings.

Yet, they managed to get through it, said Shannon Boudreau, the company's director of sales and events

Start of a marriage, end of a tent

The toughest wedding was one that was intended to be entirely outdoors on a private property, said Boudreau.

Ever heard of a runaway bride? Boudreau's staff were dealing with a runaway tent when their entire kitchen coverage blew away in the storm.

"We had sandbagged it down but that wasn't sufficient, so we had to get concrete blocks and a new tent. Then there was no power, so we had to get a generator, then the generator died," she said.

"But we were able to keep everyone's glasses full of wine, and that helped a little bit!"

Eventually the wedding and all 150 guests had to be moved into the small house on the property, and Boudreau said it was "like a sardine can."

Nevertheless, the staff kept people satisfied with canapes and snacks until they could get a propane oven from their depot and cook the rest of the food.

"Unfortunate for a couple of the cars."

Despite the delays, and the blackout, and some falling trees, Boudreau says both weddings were a success, and none of the guests got too down about the circumstances.

"It was memorable, and everyone was so great, and everyone was able to see the humour in it," she said. "It was a bit scary when a few of the trees fell, and unfortunate for a couple of the cars."

"Everyone's spirits were really high. I mean, they're coming together to celebrate a couple. It's not ideal, but it's still a happy day."

Boudreau believes that their food and service left the guests — wait for it — "blown away."

"Living in Vancouver, we always have a rain plan no matter what month it is,"  said Boudreau, who noted that she's never experienced a wedding in anything close to last weekend's weather.

To hear the full interview, click the audio labelled: Rainy, stormy weather can't ruin weekend's outdoor weddings


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