British Columbia

B.C. RCMP investigating 3rd case of person posing as police officer

For the third time this month, B.C. RCMP are investigating a man allegedly impersonating a police officer.

Driver in Lumby reported being pulled over by white SUV or truck with red and blue flashing lights

Lumby RCMP are seeking more information about a traffic stop along Highway 6 on March 13 in which a man allegedly posed as a police officer. (Gian-Paolo Mendoza/CBC)

For the third time this month, B.C. RCMP are investigating a report of a man allegedly posing as a police officer. 

In the latest account, RCMP say a person was driving on Highway 6 between Vernon and Lumby on the evening of March 13 when a white SUV or truck with red and blue flashing lights drove up behind them. 

The driver told police they pulled over to the side of the road and were approached by a man with a flashlight. 

After a short conversation the man returned to his vehicle and turned off the flashing lights, then he followed the driver until he went to stop another vehicle near Dure Meadows Road in Lumby. 

Lumby RCMP would like to speak with that second person who was pulled over and anyone else who experienced a similar incident. 

The suspect is described as being of average height and weight, with dirty blond hair, wearing a white button-down shirt and black or blue khaki pants. 

Similar incidents in March 

Circumstances of another police impersonator further south closely matching the case in Lumby were shared by Mounties on Monday. 

The events took place along Highway 33 in the area of Westbridge, B.C., on March 21. Things unfolded in the same manner, except the driver in that case was ordered to get out of his vehicle. 

"Although the victim was ordered to exit his vehicle during the interaction, he trusted his instincts, distracted the suspect and managed to flee toward Kelowna," said Southeast District RCMP Cpl. Jesse O'Donaghey.

The suspect in that case was described as an older man with blond unkempt hair, six feet to six feet two inches tall, clean shaven, wearing a white dress shirt and dark coloured casual pants. 

RCMP say they don't know if the suspect in both cases is the same person. 

In another incident on March 19, RCMP say a Prince George man was arrested and charged with personating a police officer after driving with what appeared to be police lights and confronting a person while identifying himself as "Officer Maguire."

Prince George RCMP found the suspect, 29-year-old Patrick Maguire, in a parking lot and arrested him. He was ordered to remove the illegal modifications to his Chevrolet Tahoe.  

Personating a peace officer is a hybrid offence and punishable by up to five years in prison.