British Columbia

British Columbians reflect on the meaning of Family Day

British Columbians taking in various Family Day events around Vancouver reflect on what family means to them.

"It's just the people I want to be with," says young girl regarding Family Day

A family gets a caricature portrait during the Kitsilano Community Centre's Family Day events. (Cory Correia/CBC News)

Photos by Cory Correia

Today marks the fifth annual family day for British Columbians. 

In Vancouver, some people made use of the day off to take part in fun events around town — and we took the opportunity to ask people out and about during the mid-winter holiday events what family means to them.  

Fidel, Jeanetta and Addy Arellano, pictured below, say that family is all about bonding because spending their free time together is when they have a chance to really connect. 

Mel and Isabel Gordon are all about their granddaughter, Stella, who is visiting them from Victoria. 

Emma Young, hanging out with her friend Portia Ayre, says big love is family, because even though it's just her and her parents, she considers her friends a part of the family. 

The motto of Emanuele, Beth, Sebastian and Izabella Buttice is family is fun, since they don't have any extended family in town and rely on each other for fun and happiness. 

Speaking for the the Ashbee family,  Maddy says happiness, love, and joy best describes her and her parents, Bill and Trish.

Joanne, David, Stella, Miranda and Rose Mcwhinnie agree that family means being together and helping each other, because they are all about tickling fights, hanging out, and going on adventures together. 

Keira and Declan Ng, pictured with their parents, Anny and Michael, say family is having fun together since their family time is all about lounging on the couch and watching movies. 

Alisha Renning and her mother Lisa say family is all about spending time together.  

"It's just the place I want to be," said Alisha. "It's just the people I want to be with".