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B.C. ski resort says all staff who attended rowdy restaurant party will be fired

At least two staff members at B.C.'s Big White ski resort will be fired and a local restaurant's lease could be in danger after a raucous party was held there Monday evening.

Video shows people dancing on tables at Charley Victoria's in Big White resort community on Monday

Management at Big White ski resort says at least two staff members will be fired after they were seen in a video of a large party at a local restaurant this week. (

UPDATE, March 31, 2021: Restaurant owner apologizes for 'ignorant decision' to host rowdy party at B.C. ski resort

At least two staff members at B.C.'s Big White ski resort will be fired and a local restaurant's lease could be in danger after a raucous party was held there on Monday evening.

Video shared on social media shows a large crowd of young people dancing close together and on top of tables at Charley Victoria's All Day Après, a restaurant in the resort community near Kelowna.

Michael Ballingall, senior vice-president at Big White, said he became aware of the party shortly after 7 p.m., while it was still underway.

"The entire management team are absolutely disgusted, appalled, embarrassed," he told CBC News on Tuesday. "This is the exact opposite of what we should all be doing."

He said there was just one security officer working at the resort at the time, so management called RCMP, who arrived some time after the party had died down.

Big White has identified two employees, so far, who are visible in the video, and Ballingall said they would soon be fired.

"Quite frankly, if any part of our staff are involved in this and we can identify them, they won't be working with us by the end of the day," he said.

RCMP have confirmed they were made aware of "a large group of patrons" at a bar who weren't in compliance with provincial COVID-19 orders. 

They said the party was no longer taking place by the time officers arrived, but they're reviewing video footage and will be investigating. 

Currently, no fines have been issued and no charges have been laid. 

WATCH | Large party breaks out at restaurant in B.C. resort community:

Video captures restaurant party at B.C. ski resort amid tightened restrictions

2 years ago
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Videos posted to social media show a party at Big White Ski Resort in Kelowna, B.C., on Monday, the same day new COVID-19 restrictions were announced for the province. (Credit: Castanet)

The restaurant is run by a private operator that leases space in a building owned by the resort. 

"We haven't managed to track him down yet," Ballingall said of the restaurant operator. "We certainly are trying to get ahold of him because there's a few people in our upper management who want to speak to him."

Ballingall said the party showed a "blatant disregard for our contract" with the restaurant.

Party came after dozens were laid off

Indoor social gatherings have been banned across the province since November.

The party happened just hours after B.C. health officials announced an end to indoor dining at restaurants and pubs in an attempt to stem a surge in COVID-19 cases. The new public health orders took effect at midnight March 30.

Ballingall said between 60 and 70 people who work on the mountain were laid off as a result of that move.

"We had anticipated that something was going to happen," he said.

Ballingall alleged that representatives of the restaurant spread the word in the community that afternoon that they were open and offering deep discounts on food and drinks.

The restaurant's management did not respond to requests for comment, and no one was answering the phone on Tuesday afternoon.

The Big White community was the site of a large cluster of more than 230 COVID-19 cases late last year. Many of the cases were linked to social gatherings and staff living in shared homes.

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