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Backyard deer attack leaves woman with minor injuries

An Oak Bay, B.C., woman was knocked over and stomped by herd of deer that likely perceived her as a threat to a fawn.

Oak Bay, B.C., woman knocked over and stomped by herd

A woman in Oak Bay suffered minor injuries after being knocked down and trampled by a herd of deer in her backyard. Officials believe the deer perceived the woman as a threat to their young. (Gert Hilbink/Shutterstock)

A backyard encounter with a herd of deer has left an Oak Bay, B.C., woman with minor injuries.

According to a release from the Oak Bay Police, the woman heard a commotion and went to investigate, discovering several deer in her yard.

When she attempted to open a gate to let them out, the deer charged, knocking her to the ground and stomping her. 

Police say the deer may have perceived the woman as a threat to a fawn in the group.

They are reminding people that wild animals are liable to act aggressively to defend their young, and that the best way to avoid a conflict with deer is to stay a safe distance away.

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