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B.C. website for LNG job opportunities lacks jobs

The B.C. NDP says the government has spent more than a million dollars to launch the LNG-Buy BC campaign and website with nothing to show for it.

Not a single job on offer on glossy website meant to connect businesses and workers to LNG jobs

A BC website set up to promote LNG jobs is empty for now. (CBC)

It's an LNG opportunities website with no opportunities.

The B.C. NDP says the government has spent more than a million dollars to launch the LNG-Buy BC campaign and website with nothing to show for it. 

"The website is very pretty," says NDP Leader John Horgan. "It's populated with pretty images, but when you click on any of the links you get zero."

Former politician Gordon Wilson is being paid $150,000 annually as LNG-Buy BC advocate.

LNG-Buy BC is supposed to connect people and business looking for opportunities in the LNG sector.

The website was created at a cost of over $850,000, and former politician Gordon Wilson was appointed LNG-Buy BC Advocate at an annual salary of $150,000. 

LNG-Buy BC touts itself as "a platform that helps businesses discover new opportunities and partnerships," and promises to "takes the heavy lifting out of searching for business opportunities."

There is a long list of business that have registered on the site looking for work, but not a single registrant looking to hire.

No LNG projects underway

Natural gas Minister Rich Coleman says although there are no LNG projects currently underway there are at least 20 being discussed. 

He also says Horgan and the NDP are looking in the wrong place to find jobs. 

"I'm surprised about how informed Horgan is because if he wants to find jobs he should go to Find your Fit, that is where we are connecting young people with jobs," said Coleman.

Find Your Fit is a government initiative aimed at helping students explore different jobs.

The government says Wilson has been working at connecting people to the LNG industry by touring communities in the north, although critics say his position is nothing more than a patronage appointment earned by supporting the Liberals in the last election.

LNG promises

The Liberals and Christy Clark campaigned in 2013 on a promise that LNG development would generate 100,000 jobs. They also said B.C. would be able to pay off all its debts with the money LNG generates, while also creating a $100-billion prosperity fund with LNG money.

In last week's budget the government said the prosperity fund would go ahead, but without LNG contributions.

With files from Richard Zussman


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