B.C. SPCA rescues 45 dogs

A former breeder handed over 45 badly neglected dogs last week. The SPCA says it will pursue charges against the owner.

The dogs were surrendered with coats matted with feces and urine

One of 45 dogs surrendered to the SPCA on Vancouver Island (SPCA)

Nearly 50 dogs the B.C. SPCA says were badly neglected have been surrendered to the organization just outside Victoria. After receiving a call from someone concerned about the condition of the animals, the SPCA says it visited the owner's home.

The former breeder gave up the 45 dogs on April 12. 

B.C. SPCA chief prevention and enforcement officer Marcie Moriarty says the dogs were in bad shape.

"These dogs were extremely matted with feces and urine," said Moriarty. "They were living in unacceptable conditions inside the home due to high levels of ammonia. Some of them have dental disease that needs to be treated."

The dogs range in age from 18 months to 15 years old (SPCA)

Moriarty says the dogs coats were so matted, it was impossible to tell initially if they had other underlying medical conditions. Over 20 staff members and volunteers helped with their intake. 

The dogs have been transferred to several SPCA locations on Vancouver Island. They will be assessed, before they are put up for adoption. 

"Unfortunately, each year we do seem to see a number of situations where we are taking dogs in in these types of numbers," said Moriarty. She says the SPCA is currently working with the province to develop new breeder regulations to identify legitimate breeders. 

The owner had stopped selling dogs about five years ago. Moriarty says the SPCA will recommend charges against the former breeder.