British Columbia

B.C.'s Indo-Canadian community opens hearts, wallets

Fundraising efforts are underway across B.C.'s Lower Mainland to help the victims of yesterday's bombings in the Indian city of Mumbai.

Fundraising efforts are underway acrossB.C.'sLower Mainland to help thevictims of yesterday's bombings in the Indian city of Mumbai.

At least 200 people were killed and many more were injured in a series ofbomb blasts that hit the city's commuter train system during the evening rush hour.

Late Tuesday,a B.C. South Asian radio station launched a 24-hour fundraising drive to help the victims' families.

"When the community is going through a bad time, you have to come forward and help. Otherwise, who would?" asked Rimjhim Radio announcer Puja Sekhon.

He says the Burnaby-based radio station will send allthe money raised to the State Bank of Indiafor distribution.

In nearby Surrey,some members ofthe congregation at the Lakshmi Narayan Hindu templewho have friends and relatives in Mumbai have been dropping in to to pray.

Krishan Bechtor, who sits on the temple's board, saysthey are ready to make donations to help families of the bombing victims.

"Even though they are in Canada, they have their roots in India. They have their links, their love for the country, and whenever something happens, they feel for their country."

Other South Asian groups in B.C. are also reported to be planning fundraising efforts in the days ahead.

Many of them were also involved in raising hundreds of thousands of dollars last year during the tsunami disaster and the earthquake in Pakistan.