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B.C. Premier Christy Clark shares year-end views

B.C. Premier Christy Clark tells CBC News legislature reporter Stephen Smart that her ten months on the job have had highs and lows and also has had an impact on her family life.

Cites huge shipbuilding contract as high and government agency problems as low

Reflections on 2011

10 years ago
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Christy Clark compares her first 10 months as B.C.'s premier to the challenges of having children

B.C. Premier Christy Clark is marking the end of the year with a look back at her first 10 months in office, acknowledging she has found the job is hard on her family life.

In a feature interview with CBC reporter Stephen Smart, Clark was asked how being premier has compared to her expectations.

"I always say, it's like having kids. Before you have your kids, you think, ‘Okay this is going to be hard.’ And then your kids come along and you think, ‘Oh, it's different.’ It's a different kind of hard than I thought it was going to be," Clark said.

Clark admits one of the biggest adjustments has been the impact on her son, Hamish.

"That's been the hardest part of the whole job," Clark said. "How little time that I get with my son now. And that has been hard for him and for me to get used to for sure."

When it comes to politics, Clark said she considers the $8-billion shipbuilding contract with the federal government as her highlight of the year.

But there have also been lows, and might have had Clark wondering if her previous job as a talk show host was looking relatively idyllic.

"Was there a moment that was the opposite of that, where you were standing there and said, ‘Why'd I leave that radio job,’" Smart asked.

Clark said: "Well, I've never put it exactly that way, but you know, an example of something I've been unhappy about was the whole issue with CLBC (Community Living B.C.)" The agency that's supposed to provide care for adults with developmental disabilities has instead has been mired in scandal and internal shake-ups.  "The problem has turned out to be way more complicated, way more deep-seated than I knew or that we anticipated, so it's taken longer to get fixed," the premier said.

As for the coming year, Clark says she's focused on staying the course.

"I am not a premier with pet projects.  I am, my government is, a government with a singular focus and that is enabling the creation of jobs and defending the jobs we have," said Clark. "That's what people expect my party and my government to deliver on and we are going to deliver on that."

With files from the CBC's Stephen Smart