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B.C. NDP launches new Liberal attack ads

The B.C. NDP has launched new provincewide attack ads against the B.C. Liberals — even though the New Democrats have insisted they wouldn't run a negative campaign.

Liberals launch YouTube video taking on New Democrat Leader Adrian Dix

New B.C. election campaign ads

9 years ago
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Both NDP and Liberals release TV attack ads 1:42

The B.C. NDP has launched new provincewide attack ads against the B.C. Liberals — even though the New Democrats have insisted they wouldn’t run a negative campaign.

"After years of scandals, mismanagement and misleading voters, should the B.C. Liberals be rewarded with another four years?" says a radio ad.

"It's time for change. Change for the better."

The ad goes on to attack the Liberal Party’s handling of the controversial Harmonized Sales Tax.

"The B.C. Liberals misled us about the HST in the last election. And in this election, they're at it again. They say they balanced the budget, but they didn't. They say they're against debt, but they're adding billions to it."

The NDP says the aggressive counterattack is meant to highlight what the party calls the "true Liberal record." 

The New Democrats aren’t alone in ramping up their party message in the last six days of the election campaign.

The B.C. Liberals unveiled a YouTube video Wednesday morning taking on Adrian Dix.

The video opens with a clip of Dix from the televised leaders’ debate responding to questions about back-dating a memo while he served as former premier Glen Clark’s chief of staff, saying he was just 35 years old at the time.

The video goes on to feature younger Liberal Party members, all saying they are under 35 but they take responsibility for their actions.

However, the broadcast consortium that produced the leaders' debate has asked the ad be taken down because the Liberals don't have permission to use the copyrighted clip from the debate for political purposes.

British Columbians go to the polls on May 14.