British Columbia

B.C. man flies gyrocopter 30 hours across Canada

Naramata native Mike Humbke purchased a gyrocopter from a dealer in Quebec and figured he might as well fly it across the country to bring it home.

The trip took 12 days and totaled 30 hours

Mark Humbke pictured alongside his gyrocopter which he flew from Quebec to B.C. (Mark Humbke)

Travelling across the second largest country in the world, one might think an airplane would be the best way. If sightseeing is the goal, a car might be better.

But Naramata, B.C. native Mark Humbke, decided he'd like to do it in a gyrocopter.

"It's sort a cross between a helicopter and an airplane," he told Daybreak South's Chris Walker.  

Humbke says he ordered the flying machine from a dealer in Quebec, where he boarded a commercial flight to to pick it up. Once there though, the only sensible thing was to fly it back home to B.C.

"I decided to go out there and fly it across the country."

Mark Humbke's Gyrocopter logged 30 hours of flight time between St. Apollinaire, Quebec to Penticton, B.C. (Mark Humbke)

While the gyrocopter may seem (and look) like a futuristic invention, it has actually been around for quite some time, with the machine even used during World War II.

Humbke described his as a "motorcycle in the sky," with a tandem that allows the pilot in the front seat, with the passenger seated behind.

30 hours across Canada

Humbke left  St. Apollinaire, Quebec on June 20th, and  after 17 stops at airports for fuel, touched down in Penticton 30 hours later on July 1st.

The B.C. man says it's only the beginning of his adventures with his new flying vehicle. He plans on making his next trip in the coming months.

"The views were just incredible. You just meet so many different people at all these different stops. It's just incredible."


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