British Columbia

B.C. man, 70, rescued after being marooned 2 days

A 70-year-old mariner has been rescued after being marooned for two days in a remote B.C. coastal inlet with his boat stuck on shore and a radio that couldn't get a signal.
A 70-year-old man was stranded in this boat for two days after making a wrong turn in B.C.'s remote Central Coast. (Photo courtesy BC JRCC)

A 70-year-old mariner marooned in a remote B.C. coast inlet for two days has been rescued.

The B.C. Joint Rescue Co-ordination Centre said the man was sailing from Bella Coola on the province's central coast to Bella Bella, approximately 100 kilometres away on an island to the west.

A spokesman from the B.C. Joint Rescue Coordination Centre said the mariner en route from Bella Coola (yellow pin) to Bella Bella (red pin) may have made a wrong turn, and ended up far up the wrong inlet, towards Kimsquit (green mark). ((Google Maps) )

He was expected to arrive on Wednesday, but he made a wrong turn in Dean Channel.

He then had mechanical difficulties and was blown ashore up an inlet towards Kimsquit.

The tides and wind buried his boat in sand and logs.

The man could not radio for help because he couldn't get a signal, the rescue centre said.

The rescue centre said the coast guard found the man on Saturday in good condition.

He was taken to hospital in Bella Coola.

With files from the CBC's Emily Elias