British Columbia

B.C. landlord hit with $115K fine

A Metro Vancouver landlord has been ordered to pay a $115,000 administrative penalty by the province's Residential Tenancy Branch in connection with an order to repair a leaky roof.

A Metro Vancouver landlord has been handed a $115,000 penalty under the province’s Residential Tenancy Act for not fulfilling conditions in an order to repair a leaky roof.

The Sahota family owns a number of buildings in Vancouver and Surrey, including Kwantlen Park Manor, which had a leaky roof that the Residential Tenancy Branch had ordered the Sahotas in 2010 to repair.

The RTB found in a hearing March 1 that the landlord had not complied with the order.

Orders to fix a leaky roof at Kwantlen Park Manor were not carried out, the Residential Tenancy Branch ruled. (CBC)

Residents have had a difficult time coping with living conditions, said Sue Collard, a resident and tenant spokeswoman.

"It's been pretty hellish," Collard said. "No tenant should have to endure a continuing situation where there are no repairs getting done. We don't know when we will get repairs. We are hopeful we will following this decision."

The Sahota family was ordered in 2010 to pay more than $220,000 in compensation to residents of the Pinewood Apartment House on Pandora Street in Vancouver who were forced out of their homes in 2007 after the building’s roof collapsed, flooding their apartments.