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B.C. Hells Angels Kelowna members plead guilty to manslaughter

Two full-patch members of the Hells Angels, Norman Cocks and Robert Thomas, have pleaded guilty to manslaughter for the 2011 beating death of a Kelowna man.

Full-patch members Norman Cocks and Robert Thomas convicted in beating death

Hells Angels' Norman Cocks and Robert Leonard Thomas were convicted Thursday of beating Kelowna resident Dain Phillips to death with hammers and baseball bats. (CBC)

Two full-patch members of the B.C. Hells Angels have pleaded guilty to manslaughter for the brutal beating death of 51-year-old Kelowna resident Dain Phillips in June of 2011.

Norman Cocks, 31, and 46-year-old Robert Leonard Thomas are the first ever full-patch members of the notorious motorcycle club to be convicted of killing someone in British Columbia, according to Crown prosecutor Joe Bellows.

Phillips was beaten to death when he went to make peace in a dispute between his sons and two other men. He was attacked by several men with hammers and baseball bats and later died in hospital.

Thomas and Cocks will be sentenced next Wednesday.

Meanwhile, the trial for four other men facing second-degree murder charges in relation to the attack on Phillips is set to begin Monday in Vancouver. They are believed to be members of local clubs associated with the Hells Angels.

They include Norman Cocks' father, Robert Charles Cocks, Daniel Joseph McRae, Matthew Thomas McRae and Anson Lloyd Schell.

Police say Robert Charles Cocks is the president of the Throttle Lockers, a Hells Angels support club.

Dain Phillips was once a hockey player in the WHL, a former team mate of NHL players Kelly Hrudy and Lindy Ruff.

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