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B.C. heat wave: 3 hottest spots and 20 records broken Sunday

We were told a heat wave was coming, and it arrived. High temperature records were broken across B.C. Sunday afternoon, and here are some of the hottest spots.

Temperature records for July 13 were broken at 20 weather stations across the province

Keeping cool in B.C.'s heat wave

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Medical experts warn that some people need extra help staying safe when temperatures soar 2:24

Environment Canada says record-high temperatures have been measured in four B.C. communities this weekend, with a possibility of more to come.

Michel Gelinas, a meteorologist with the agency, says records were broken by about 1.3 C on average in Lytton, Pemberton, Lillooet and Kamloops.

The average high temperature in each community was about 40.5 C.

Here are the three hottest spots recorded by Environment Canada in B.C. for July 13, 2014:

  • Lytton climate station: 41.1 C
  • Ashcroft: 41 C
  • Kamloops Airport: 40.7 C

Gelinas says more records could be broken as more results come in.

In other areas that might not have been quite as scorching, Environment Canada temperature data going back several years exists.

In 20 cases across B.C., high temperature records for July 13 were broken Sunday afternoon:

1. Lillooet: 40.6 C

Previous record high: 39.7 C in 2012

2. Osoyoos: 40.0 C

Previous record high: 37.7 C in 1996

3. Pemberton Airport: 39.9 C

Previous record high: 37.5 C in 2012

4. Princeton Airport: 37.7 C

Previous record high: 34.0 C in 1996

5. Summerland: 36.9 C

Previous record high: 36.7 C in 2012

6. Port Alberni: 36.3 C

Previous record high: 33.9 C in 1996

7. Pitt Meadows: 34.0 C

Previous record high: 32.5 C in 1996

8. Campbell River Airport: 33.1 C

Previous record high: 31.9 C in 1996​

9. Smithers Airport: 32.4 C

Previous record high:  30.6 C in 1961

10. Hope Slide: 32.2 C

Previous record high: 32.0 C in 1996

11. Comox Airport: 32.0 C

Previous record high: 31.1 C in 1961

12. West Vancouver: 32.0 C

Previous record high: 29.3 C in 1996

13. Malahat: 31.5 C

Previous record high: 31.4 C in 1996

14. Muncho Lake: 31.1 C

Previous record high: 31.0 C in 1989

15. Saturna Island: 30.5 C

Previous record high: 23.0 C in 2008

16. Howe Sound - Pam Rocks: 29.2 C

Previous record high: 28.4 C in 1996

17. Stewart Airport: 28.5 C

Previous record high: 27.8 C in 1993

18. Dease Lake climate station: 28.3 C

Previous record high: 27.5 C in 2011

19. Sisters Islets: 24.8 C

Previous record high: 24.8 C in 1996

20. Rose Spit: 17.9 C

Previous record high: 15.7 C in 2003

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