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B.C. Greens trying to turn debate buzz into seats

The One Thing is an original CBC podcast that takes on the one big issue that made headlines in the B.C. election campaign this week. In episode three, CBC reporter Richard Zussman looks at whether Green Party Leader Andrew Weaver's performance in the election debate can push his party into the mainstream.

On CBC's podcast, The One Thing, reporter Richard Zussman looks at the Green Party's chances

B.C. Green Party Leader Andrew Weaver during the debate. (BC Broadcast Consortium)

Green Party Leader Andrew Weaver had a prominent position in this week's televised leaders debate, drawing the podium spot between Liberal Leader Christy Clark and NDP Leader John Horgan. 

While the April 26 debate had no clear winner, there was consensus that Weaver's high profile presence made his party a part of the conversation in the B.C. election campaign. But was it enough to get British Columbians to vote Green?

B.C. Liberal Leader Christy Clark, (left), Green Party Leader Andrew Weaver (centre) and NDP Leader John Horgan (right) meet before the final leaders' debate of the 2017 provincial election campaign on Apr. 26, 2017. (B.C. Broadcast Consortium)

The One Thing is a CBC original podcast. Hosted by CBC legislative reporter Richard Zussman, it looks at the one big issue that dominated the election campaign this week in B.C. 
In episode three, Zussman talks about whether the Green Party and Leader Andrew Weaver have what it takes to finally push the party into the mainstream in the lead-up to the May 9 election.

Listen to episode three of The One Thing here: