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2016 B.C. cranberry harvest could reach 100 million pounds

B.C.'s 2016 cranberry harvest is going to be a good one, an industry organization says.

Harvest underway could see farmers break 'hundred-barrel mark,' industry organization says

British Columbia's cranberry harvest could hit 100 million pounds, an industry association says. (Darryl Dyck/Canadian Press)

The B.C. Cranberry Growers' Association says the 2016 harvest, underway now, is going to be big.

Association Chair Grant Keefer says he expects B.C. will break the "million-barrel mark," meaning 100 million pounds of fruit will be harvested.

"It is just rolling along right now," he told Daybreak South host Chris Walker. "It's going to be a lot. We're having a good crop, I think."

"Imagine 2,500 tractor trailer trucks lined up … It's a lot of cranberries."

Keefer says this year was better than normal for cranberries because of a good combination of weather conditions: the growing season started warm, the summer was mild and rain came at "timely" intervals.

He says the majority of cranberries in the province are produced by about 80 farming families across B.C. His family owns a farm on Vancouver Island and one in Richmond.

"It's kinda neat because we're not really in competition with each other," he said.

Keefer says while some of the cranberries are being sold fresh, most of the harvest will be sold around Christmas time.

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