British Columbia

B.C. business owner warns of Yellow Pages clone

A B.C. business owner is warning others to pay close attention after discovering that she's advertising with a Yellow Pages look-alike — and not in the traditional commercial listing.
The real Yellow Pages logo features two fingers pionting down inside a tear drop. (Ryan Remiorz/Canadian Press)

A B.C. business owner is warning others to pay close attention after discovering that she's advertising with a Yellow Pages look-alike  — and not in the traditional commercial listing.

Alison Linklater, who owns a small business in B.C.'s North Okanagan, thought she had listed her small business in the Yellow Pages, but realized when she got her bill that she had actually signed up with a look-alike index called

Linklater says she was confused by a cleverly altered logo.

"A black and yellow pair of fingers kind of clicks in everybody's mind as Yellow Pages," she said. "In the pseudo Yellow Pages, they're pointing up. In the real Yellow Pages, they're pointing down."

The real Yellow Pages logo has since been changed — but Linklater says that hasn't stopped the other index.

"Beginning of March, an envelope drops on the mat. I open it up, and oh look — it's the bogus Yellow Pages but this time, the fingers are pointing down," she said.

"The real Yellow Pages now have a new stylized logo of the two fingers pointing down but they're in a teardrop, so technically it's not the same logo. It's very confusing, isn't it?"

The RCMP say it's not a crime. publishes a list of businesses in a directory. It's just not the Yellow Pages some people may think it is.

In December, a Prince Edward Island business owner was taken in by a similar operator. Kenny Martin, the manager of Video Pros in Charlottetown, received an invoice demanding payment that appeared to be from Yellow Pages.

But on closer inspection, the bill proved to be from Yellow Page, complete with an upside down logo similar to the Yellow Pages.

A spokesperson from Yellow Pages said it's a popular scam that has popped up all over the country.

The Better Business Bureau recommends people who do get tricked should ignore the bill. The Competition Bureau is investigating.