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Her partner hid a neo-Nazi past and a cryptocurrency fortune. But she won't stop pressing to solve his murder

The body of the man Eva McLennan knew as avid rock-climber Jesse James was found in his burnt-out vehicle off the Sea-to-Sky Highway in June 2017. His murder brought to light details of his racist past, a spam empire and a cryptocurrency fortune.

Conservation officer fired for refusing to kill bear cubs sues to get his job back

A former conservation officer who made international headlines in 2015 for refusing to kill two orphaned bear cubs is suing to get his job back and his lost pay returned.

School officials order windows screwed shut after teachers opened them to increase ventilation

Teachers at a school in Abbotsford, B.C., started opening classroom windows after learning in December that there was no ventilation system in an older wing of the school. But many of the windows were later screwed shut, with school officials citing safety issues.

New B.C. lab delivers thousands of rapid COVID tests to keep film industry rolling

A new lab based in Coquitlam, B.C., is processing thousands of coronavirus tests in under 12 hours to help screen film industry workers keep productions rolling. 

Billionaire says he will give millions to health workers if Concord Pacific pays in epic legal battle

Singapore-based billionaire Hong Leong Oei says a recent court order awarding him millions of dollars sends a message about the dangers of giving misleading testimony in B.C. courts — and for him, that's worth more than the cash.

Dutch man charged in Amanda Todd cyberbullying case was extradited to Canada in early December

The man accused of tormenting and extorting 15-year-old Amanda Todd before she killed herself has been extradited to Canada, CBC News has learned.

Millions in special costs awarded to Plaza of Nations in monster contract dispute over former Expo Lands

A B.C. Supreme Court justice has awarded millions of dollars in special legal costs to a Singapore billionaire after a protracted contract dispute over the Expo lands in Vancouver.

B.C. ordered to pay $964K to former correctional officer targeted for being Black

The B.C. Human Rights Tribunal has ordered the province to pay compensation of almost a million dollars to a former corrections officer who was targeted on the job for being Black.

Former B.C. correctional officer targeted for being Black seeking $1.2M after 8-year human rights fight

After an eight-year human rights battle, a former correctional officer who was targeted for being Black at work will learn by Jan. 28 how much compensation he'll get.

Ambulances transferring the dead in northern B.C. due to gap in body removal service

The BC Coroners Service has confirmed that a large section of northwestern B.C. has a gap in body removal services, because there is currently no private contractor transferring bodies in cases of sudden death from the place where they die to the morgue.