Tara Carman

Senior Reporter

Tara Carman is a senior reporter with CBC’s national investigative unit with a focus on data-driven stories. She has been a journalist in Vancouver since 2007 and previously worked in Victoria, Geneva and Ottawa. You can reach her at tara.carman@cbc.ca

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CBC Investigates

How CBC measured heat in homes in 5 Canadian cities

A CBC News investigation has revealed how much hotter some Canadian homes are than the air outside — subjecting the people inside to unsafe temperatures around the clock.
Urban Heat Project

Why CBC News is tracking indoor heat in 5 major Canadian cities

In dozens of homes without air conditioning across five major cities, CBC News installed temperature and humidity sensors to test exactly how hot it gets. Participants are sharing how they're handling the heat — and how worried they are about keeping those vulnerable to the heat safe.
CBC Investigates

Canada is sitting on 12 'carbon bombs.' Here's where they are

Researchers have identified 12 fossil fuel reserves in Canada – called “carbon bombs” — that would each release a billion tonnes or more of carbon into the atmosphere if their resources were extracted and burned. This would be catastrophic for the world’s efforts to slow rising global temperatures, the authors argue.
CBC Investigates

Health Canada reviewing safety of controversial breastfeeding drug

Health Canada has launched a safety review of the psychological withdrawal symptoms associated with stopping or reducing use of a domperidone, a drug intended to treat gastrointestinal disorders but that's also used to help women breastfeed.
CBC Investigates

Banned in the U.S., not approved for breastfeeding — why are so many moms taking this drug?

CBC spoke with nine women in Canada, the U.S. and Australia who say they had debilitating psychological side effects when they tried to come off domperidone, a drug that's often prescribed to help induce lactation, but isn't actually approved as a breastfeeding aid.
CBC Investigates

'I don't know if I'm going to wake up': Mothers share stories of pregnancy-related complications

Over the course of an investigation into maternal health, CBC interviewed nearly 70 women who either came close to dying or suffered lasting trauma during pregnancy or in the months immediately after. Five women are sharing their stories in the hopes that others can learn from them.
CBC Investigates

Canada significantly undercounts maternal deaths, and doctors are sounding the alarm

Doctors are warning there is no consistent or reliable national system to collect and share information on maternal deaths and close calls. This is particularly tragic, they say, because most deaths and adverse outcomes are preventable. In the absence of government leadership, doctors are working to change that.
CBC Investigates

Courts not protecting our kids, domestic violence survivors say

Survivors of domestic violence are generally supportive of their children having a relationship with their former partners, but say they wish their concerns about safety, retraumatization and their childrens’ fears about being around the other parent were given greater consideration in family court, a CBC investigation has found.
CBC Investigates

Domestic violence survivors say family courts are failing them 

Survivors of domestic violence say the family court system should give more consideration to the history of abuse and the safety of spouses and children when ruling on child custody. CBC spoke to a dozen survivors in several provinces who say joint custody is not always in the best interests of the child.
CBC Investigates

Co-ops allow people of all incomes to live affordably in cities. So why aren't we building more?

There was a time when Catherine Munn didn’t know how she could afford to live in Vancouver as a single mother. Now, she lives in a bright, airy, one-bedroom apartment in east Vancouver for which she pays about half of what market rent would be.