Tara Carman

Senior Reporter, Data Journalist

Tara Carman is a senior reporter with CBC Investigates who specializes in finding the human stories buried in big data. She holds an international relations degree from UBC and a master's degree in journalism from Carleton. She lives in Vancouver. You can reach her at tara.carman@cbc.ca or on Twitter @tarajcarman.

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Here are the B.C. seniors' residences hardest hit by COVID-19 outbreaks

There are 21 seniors’ residences in B.C. where more than 40 per cent of residents were infected with COVID-19, including four homes where more than a third of residents have died.
CBC Investigates

COVID-19 outbreaks more common in for-profit senior residences in B.C.

A CBC News analysis shows that private for-profit care homes in B.C. have been disproportionately hit with more deadly and widespread COVID-19 outbreaks during the pandemic, compared to non-profit or government-run facilities.

Young adults, parents with kids hit hard by pandemic's social, economic effects

Families with young children and adults aged 18-29 reported being hardest-hit by the socioeconomic effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, according to new data released Friday.
CBC Investigates

COVID-19 mortality rate higher in neighbourhoods with more visible minorities: StatsCan

Residents of communities home to more visible minorities had a higher likelihood of dying from COVID-19 in Canada's three largest provinces, according to Statistics Canada, in a trend health experts say underscores the need for provinces such as B.C. and Quebec to improve their data collection on race and mortality.

B.C. Liberals lose vote share in every region of province

The B.C. Liberals lost vote share in every region of the province in Saturday's election, but those losses hurt the party the most in the Fraser Valley and suburban Vancouver, a CBC News analysis has found.

Campaign donation limits in B.C. have levelled playing field, CBC analysis finds

A ban on union and corporate donations to B.C. political parties and a cap on the amount individuals can give has hurt the B.C. Liberals the most, a CBC data analysis has found.
CBC Investigates

Survivors of domestic abuse told to keep quiet about it in court or risk jeopardizing child custody

Victims of domestic abuse are encouraged not to discuss it in family court, or risk being accused of turning the children against the other parent.
CBC Investigates

Government has spent $37M so far on hotels for returning Canadians who can't self-isolate at home

The federal government has spent more than $37 million to cover the cost of housing travellers returning to Canada who lack a safe place to quarantine for 14 days. Eleven hotel sites have been set up across the country, each with its own health-care staff and security.

Canada's hardest-hit nursing homes lost 40% of residents in just 3 months of the pandemic

An exclusive CBC News data analysis reveals the nursing homes with the highest COVID-19-related death rates across the country.

How we analyzed the numbers of COVID-19-related deaths in seniors' homes

Methodology for CBC's data analysis on the care homes and seniors' residences hit hardest by COVID-19.