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Here's how the housing landscape could change under a newly re-elected Liberal government

The parliamentary makeup in Ottawa doesn't look much different, but policy experts are optimistic change is on the horizon when it comes to housing affordability in B.C.

Stakes are high in this election for B.C.'s own $10-a-day child care plan

The main federal parties have made varying child care pledges, and not all of them align with the province's. Child care advocates insist Premier John Horgan fulfill his own long-standing $10-a-day daycare promise, no matter who forms government in Ottawa.

Pressure mounts on B.C. to cover paid sick leave after federal budget falls short

One week after the federal and provincial governments tabled back-to-back budgets, workers in British Columbia are still no closer to universal paid sick days. 

Cruise ships to bypass B.C. under proposed Alaska law, prompting worries for battered tourism sector

There are fears B.C.'s tourism industry could be in jeopardy with the newly tabled Alaska Tourism Recovery Act. It proposes an exemption to a long-standing U.S. law that mandates international stops for ships in foreign countries.

Former B.C. cabinet minister and longtime MP Ian Waddell dies at age 78

Described as an "energizer bunny," lifelong friends say a whirlwind followed Ian Waddell wherever he went. A four-term federal and one-term provincial politician, he's remembered as a pioneer in the LGBTQ community and for his work advancing Indigenous rights.

Final countdown: Elections BC begins tallying hundreds of thousands of mail-in ballots

After 13 days of scrutinizing and screening the votes that were mailed in, the counting of all those ballots by hand is expected to take at least three three days.

B.C. Liberal leader shelves austerity in the name of recovery on the campaign trail

Andrew Wilkinson compares the current pandemic to wartime when it comes to government measures, insisting fiscal prudence must take a backseat to the economic restart.

Horgan denies pandemic aid for small business is being delayed by B.C. election

The NDP leader insists the process of business owners applying for grants would happen at the same speed regardless of the vote, despite reports the funding won't trickle down until year's end.

Indigenous teen's death sparks calls for youth in care to be a priority in B.C. election

Advocates are skeptical Indigenous youth in care will receive adequate attention during the campaign. It comes after a 17-year-old was found dead in his bedroom closet at an Abbotsford group home, four days after going missing.
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What's behind decisions to issue public notifications about COVID-19 — or not?

With the rate of transmission accelerating, it's up to local health authorities to inform the public of any widespread risk if contact tracers aren't able to find everyone who may have been exposed.