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Downtown Eastside resident's death in electrical room fire underscores dire need for housing, community

Friends of Dino ‘Boomer’ Bundy are mourning the Downtown Eastside advocate’s death in an electrical room fire and calling for immediate action on housing and an end to the stigma surrounding the community.

Why thousands of city street lights are turning purple

The indigo lights have spawned theories online about everything from vampires to vaccines, but the City of Vancouver says the LED street lights now shining purple are the result of a manufacturing defect.

Conservationists worry about destruction of B.C.'s rare glass sponge reefs

Glen Dennison was writing a book on diving in B.C.'s Howe Sound in 1984 when he made a discovery of massive glass sponge reefs, which look like something from another world.

Rebuild or retreat? B.C. communities face tough choices after catastrophic floods

One B.C. city has made the hard decision to uproot a neighbourhood because it's at high risk of flooding again and again. Now, others are being forced to consider what's called "managed retreat" after the catastrophic flooding in November that destroyed highways and at one point had 20,000 people out of their homes.

'He just felt hopeless,' widow says after partner went to hospital 3 times in 24 hours before his death

An Alberta man visited the hospital in Quesnel, B.C., three times in less than a day looking for mental health support, according to his widow. She says he never received the help he needed and took his own life in a bathroom at the hospital.

Increase in illegal clam digging in B.C. could raise risk of deadly poisonings, fisheries officials warn

Officials in B.C. say they worry many people are unaware or underestimating the seriousness of illegally harvesting shellfish, which can ingest toxins that can kill humans.

Teen hit-and-run victim showing 'first signs of progress' in recovery from devastating injuries, father says

Grace Haines has always enjoyed a challenge, but she is now facing the biggest challenge of her life — recovering from devastating injuries from a hit-and-run.

Pemberton residents rally to save their only bank before it closes in July

Residents and local First Nations say the region's unique demographics and geography make the bank a necessity.

Holiday charity work in Canada a challenge for fundraisers and donors during pandemic

With COVID-19 bringing a year of layoffs, isolation and other hardships to many, charities consider their work more essential than ever. And while some are seeing a rise in volunteers and donations, pandemic restrictions have made the work of others an extra challenge.

High school athletes struggle to score scholarships in COVID times

About 6,500 students across the country are vying for athletic scholarships to take their sport to the college or university level in 2021. But with many games and competitions cancelled there are fewer opportunities for the athletes to get the attention of talent scouts.