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Hoping to buy a home in B.C.? Sorry, it's not likely to get much cheaper

If your New Year's dreams include buying a home in B.C., don't expect it to get much easier in 2018, at least according to one expert.

Challenges linger for Williams Lake, months after record-breaking fire season

As 2017 comes to a close, many in B.C.'s interior communities are bidding farewell to a year that saw them flee their homes in unprecedented numbers. It's been months now since the flames have subsided, but the memories of the summer are never far from mind — and challenges remain.

B.C.'s overdose crisis in graphs: Another year of devastating statistics

As 2017 draws to a close, the latest statistics illustrate the stark reality of a deepening emergency — as well as some of the lessons learned about the crisis.

This winter light display is so popular, it's causing pedestrian traffic jams

Pedestrian traffic jams, parking woes — both oft-heard complaints during the holidays. But they're not usually due to a free light display.

Not-for-profit aims to set up pot accreditation program

A not-for-profit group, partly based in B.C., is looking to establish a national marijuana accreditation program.

Health Canada warns about supplements from 'dirty' unauthorized site

Health Canada is warning all products sold online or by email through a company called Robert Lamberton Consulting may pose serious health risks, and the agency has seized all products and manufacturing equipment found at the company's site.

It may be legal tender, but more businesses are snubbing cash

A small but growing number of businesses are opting not to accept cash at all.

Singles night at the animal shelter? B.C. SPCA looking to shift image

The B.C. SPCA is embarking on a makeover. It's looking to shed the classic image many people think of when they hear the phrase animal shelter — the picture of a scruffy puppy or kitten looking out sadly from behind the bars of a dark, cold cage — and replace it with something sunnier.

B.C. investigating claims fish processing plants released contaminated effluent

A B.C. photographer claims to have found evidence from two fish processing plants that shows effluent contaminated with piscine reovirus is being released into the ocean. However, the company says the red-looking discharge has been treated and is not harmful to fish.

'Buy Local' campaign takes on retail giants, labour shortages, rising lease rates

The holiday shopping blitz is now well underway. And for the sixth year in a row, smaller shops in B.C. are banding together to try to get their slice of the dollar, despite increasing challenges.