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Rhianna Schmunk is a staff writer for CBC News. She is based in Vancouver with a focus on justice and the courts. You can reach her on Twitter @rhiannaschmunk or by email at rhianna.schmunk@cbc.ca.

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Student says RCMP officer talked her out of laying charges against alleged serial voyeur on campus

A student at the University of British Columbia was certain she wanted to pursue charges after she caught a man filming her in the bathroom on campus. But then, she said, the investigating RCMP officer turned his focus to the suspect's background — and what a conviction might do to his future.

B.C. extending pandemic restrictions indefinitely

The current orders restricting daily life and socialization in B.C. are going to stay in place indefinitely, the province announced Friday. The orders had been set to expire at midnight.

Masks now mandatory inside middle and high schools in B.C. as rules expand

Non-medical grade masks must be worn in all indoor areas of middle schools and high schools, the province announced Thursday, including while students are in their learning cohorts.

Father suspected in B.C. wife's disappearance regains custody of children as investigation stalls

A man who has been suspected of being involved in his wife's disappearance has regained custody of their two children after three years with no major movement in the investigation.

Paper copies of COVID-19 vaccination cards bring out emotions digital records can't

Vaccinations records will be stored digitally, keeping in line with the times, but hard copies bring about emotions that don't come from an image glowing on a screen — the flat piece of cardstock is a physical, tangible evidence the pandemic might actually be coming to an end. 

B.C. reveals age-based plan to vaccinate general public by September

B.C. plans to immunize 4.3 million residents by September with a continued age-based approach, vaccinating the high-risk and most elderly populations by April before starting with younger adults in the summer.

B.C. teenager free to move forward with gender-affirming surgery after mother's lawsuit tossed

A Supreme Court justice has thrown out a woman's attempt to stop her teenager from having gender-affirming chest reconstruction surgery, finding the mother had "misled" the court during her fight against an issue that's already been settled.

Major donor loses fight to have his name on all UBC law school degrees

One of the most prominent donors to the University of British Columbia is taking the school to court, saying the institution isn't holding up its end of the deal they struck when he he made a historic donation to its law school.

B.C. premier seeking legal advice on feasibility of inter-provincial travel ban

The B.C. government is getting legal advice to determine whether an inter-provincial travel ban would be feasible — and, presumably, whether it is constitutional — to further insulate the province as COVID-19 case numbers in other parts of Canada hit "dangerous" levels.

Former clerk of house Craig James charged in connection with B.C. Legislature spending scandal

Former clerk of the house Craig James has been criminally charged in connection with a spending scandal at the B.C. Legislature, Crown prosecutors have announced.