Paisley Woodward

Paisley Woodward is an award-winning investigative producer at CBC Vancouver. Before coming to CBC she was a Crown prosecutor. She earned her law degree at UBC. You can reach her at; @paisleyw2; 604-662-6838.

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COVID-19 relapse or reinfection? The mysterious case of Shilan Garousi, seemingly hit twice by coronavirus

By her own account, Shilan Garousi is a medical mystery, having apparently been hit twice by COVID-19. It's a mystery virologists are trying to solve, to better understand the long-term threat COVID-19 poses to us all.

Vancouver commercial break-ins up 147% during COVID-19 crisis

For Jason Overbo, the COVID-19 pandemic has brought a crisis of crime, including one break-in where intruders took $20,000 in clothes. It's a dramatic example of the spike in break-and-enters that Vancouver is seeing while most people stay home.

Educational assistants 'anxious' as some schools start child care for essential workers

As school sites open up across  B.C. to provide child care for the children of essential service workers, the union that represents the employees providing that care has been flooded with concerns by employees worried about health and safety.

B.C. outdoor wear companies change gears, start making protective gowns for health-care workers

A B.C. company specializing in life jackets and survival suits has jumped into the COVID-19 crisis to manufacture life-protecting hospital gowns for B.C.'s health workers. 

Both parents have COVID-19. The challenge now is to keep their boys healthy

For Dana Elliott, her COVID-19 challenge has been threefold: first, she was caring for her husband who got sick with it. Then, she had to fight it herself — all the while trying to prevent her two teenage sons from getting ill too.

B.C. Lottery Corp. relents after 9-year battle to keep secret records linked to $700k fine

After fighting the CBC for nearly a decade over the release of records linked to a nearly $700,000 fine from the country's money laundering watchdog, the B.C. Lottery Corporation says it plans to get permission to release the documents.

Why the 3 Wise Men's frankincense and myrrh gifts are valued to this day

Once upon a time, frankincense and myrrh were in hot competition with gold in the valuables department. They were highly prized. They were a phenomenon. They were it.

Aquilini companies deny negligence in suit over deaths of 2 children at their U.S. vineyard

Several companies operated by the family that owns the Vancouver Canucks, and family patriarch Luigi Aquilini, are defending themselves in a lawsuit filed against them last summer.

5 months and counting: Broken weather station worries seaplane pilot

A seasoned seaplane operator on B.C.'s West Coast is frustrated the federal government has not repaired an automated weather station northwest of Vancouver Island.

TD Bank agrees to refund $600 to defrauded art student

A Vancouver man is relieved that TD Canada Trust has now agreed to refund him  for fraudulent cheques cashed on his bank account. Preston Buffalo lost $600 from his account in July after losing his chequebook.